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When you need garage door repair for your home or business in Brighton, CO our team of garage fixers will be there for you anytime. Ready to fix any problem you have with your overhead door like the garage remote, or the garage door sensor, or any other of the garage door parts.

Overhead door inside viewSince all of our garage fixers are well trained and experienced in garage door repair. For example, the garage door sensor being out of alignment can stop your overhead door from closing.

And our technicians can go to your home or business and adjust the sensor for you and make sure they're aligned perfectly.

Also when your garage remote is lost or breaks, our team of garage fixers will be able to make you a replacement remote to use for the overhead door on your home or business.

Or when your garage door lock stops working right and locks you out or inside our technicians can go to you and fix the lock for you.

It doesn't really matter which of garage door parts is giving you problems, our garage fixers will be able to go to your home or business and fix it for you. So call now to 720-263-2891 if you're having problems with any of the garage door parts so we can go and fix it for you.

Garage Door Replacement

Garage door repair companyOnce your overhead door is past the point of repair, like when your garage door spring breaks, our technicians can go to your home or business and do a garage opener installation replacing the broken overhead door for you.

One of the best advantages of installing a garage door replacement is that you will get a new garage door lock, also a new garage door spring, a new motor and all other parts will be new too.

And we have a wide variety of garage doors available for you to pick from, from basic models all the way to stylish styles like wooden or glass garage doors.

That way when you call us to 720-263-2891 and request a garage opener installation you will always have an option to fit your style and budget available.

Now, making sure that you have a garage door repair expert maintain your garage door parts for you can prevent you needing to have an emergency garage door replacement when one of the parts breaks and stops the overhead door from opening or closing.

This will save you time and money later by avoiding an emergency garage door repair.